#careercrush: Morgan Beatty

So, tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do professionally?

I am the CEO + Editor-in-Chief of Rebelleous, LLC and a Certified Life Coach. At ReBELLeous we’re certified in purpose development, creative consulting and motivational speaking as well.

Ooh okay, tell us about Rebelleous.

Rebelleous initially started as a motivational app for millennial women but not excluded to who are trying go above and beyond, break barriers and shatter ceilings, it is a safe space for millennial women who are dreamers, believers and ultimately doers!  I felt it was more than an app, more than blos and giving people quotes to live by everyday, so I decided to get my life coaching certification – and help people to make their passion their paycheck.

Let’s back up a bit. What did you study in college?


Did you have any internships or jobs in your field?

Yes.  My junior year, coming into senior year I interned at BET.  I was a marketing intern working on their 360 marketing strategies.  My internship really allowed me to think outside the box and find out what my strengths and weaknesses were.  Working there actually inspired me to create my first business – which was Moxii by Morgan. I didn’t feel that the office life was for me.  I wanted to take my talents elsewhere to help others visioncast their brands.

How did you get internship at BET?

Well, first I went through a rigorous application process.  Then, it was all about the power of who you know. Someone I knew had a mutual connection with a BET employee on LinkedIn, so I reached out to them to make an introduction, and they did. Then she ended up pushing my application through.  I always tell people LinkedIn is your BFF.

What was living in NYC like living on an intern salary?

With a little help from my parents, the salary was enough to take care of myself.  I wasn’t able to do all the fun things I wanted to do, but it’s really all about budgeting.  I made the best of it, I can’t complain because some people don’t have the opportunity. I probably paid too much for the student housing place that I lived in, but it was super safe.

How did you go about finding the place?

I just researched every day.  Everyday I looked into student housing and internship housing.  I looked on Facebook, reached out to people I knew who were also doing the internship and asked them where they were staying.  There were a few people that ended up staying in the same building that I was. I always suggest that people who are going far away from home should look into student housing.  That allows you to make friends, foster relationships, and it’s safe. I’m still friends with a lot of those people.  It was like college away from home.

Did you do any internships after BET?

I wouldn’t call them internships, they were more like apprenticeships.  I started to reach out to people who’s personal brands I enjoyed and took them in as mentors.  I did what they needed me to do, hung out with them, and got a little bit of their time. Almost like an understudy.  At that point, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  I think internships are good for people who need field experience and are looking to figure out what it is they want to do.

What was your job search like? How long did you search? How many jobs did you apply for?

The job search was horrific for me, especially as an entry level millenial.  It was very hard because NY has so many opportunities. I worked in retail for about a year, which worked perfectly with my schedule [for Rebelleous].  About a year in, I got a new job.  And then about 9 months into that I started struggling with anxiety, which turned into depression.  I originally thought it came from the job, but I realized that God just didn’t build me to just work for the man and I needed to focus on making my purpose apart of my everyday life.

Five years ago, where did you see yourself?  Is that where you are now?

Five years ago, I was pretty sure I’d have a masters by now – working for someone else in what I see now as a boring job in a cubicle.  But you know, when you have plans, God laughs. It’s so funny how we plan things. I probably thought I was going to be on my way to getting a doctorate – but that was really only because I wanted to have doctor in front of my name (lol). I did apply to a few programs, but was denied because they wanted me to have more work experience.  My parents didn’t quite understand my decision not to go to grad school.  I had to realize that I love learning, but school is just not for me.

What up coming project are you most excited about?

So many!  I keep my hands in projects, I’m very nonlinear.  I’m still working on High Maintenance Hair with my friend and business partner.  I’m taking Rebelle talk and turning that into a podcast. I’m working on getting our office space, so I’m excited about that – I’ll give more details as it comes.  And another one is working with new consulting and coaching clients. I literally get a high off of people’s dreams and hearing their visions and helping them turn them into reality.