Redirection is Real.

If you're applying for post-grad employment, nine times out of ten you've got an idea of your "dream" job and the "perfect" post-grad life in your head. Even if you don't exactly know what you want to do after graduation, I'm sure you have some vision of a "best case scenario" that you think about often.

This time last year, if you would've asked me where I'd be today I would've confidently rattled off my "plan." The one where I lived in Chicago or New York, worked at an advertising agency, and was in a serious relationship. How is it that none of the things I wanted (or thought I wanted) so badly came to fruition? And an even better question, why am I actually happy that they didn't?

I'm glad you asked. Oftentimes we get so laser focused on the execution of our plan, that we forget God's plan for us is bigger, better, and ultimately, trumps our own. Our plans can be so narrow that we don't take into account bigger things that could be better opportunities and make us even happier than we originally imagined.

I'm not saying your plan won't work, because there are times when our plan aligns seamlessly with God's. But I am challenging you to not view denials, rejections, or derailments of your plan as failures. Instead, view them as redirection and thank God (or whoever you believe in) for them because something bigger is brewing. I promise.