We’re expanding our team, and we’d love your help.

Since 2015, Shatter the Ceiling has invested more than $7,000 in grants, programming and events focused on closing the corporate diversity gap and providing access to people of color.

We’re finally ready to build our team, and are seeking 3-5 people to join our Board of Directors and help push our 2019 objectives forward. We ask that board members be willing to allocate 5 - 10 hours per month to Shatter The Ceiling.

Board members will be involved in obtaining 501c3 status, fundraising to expand our footprint, hosting events, strategy setting and visioning, and developing strategic partnerships.

Application deadline is November 25. Please note this is an unpaid opportunity.


November 25: Board applications due

December 1 - 5: Applicants notified if selected for interviews

December 5 - 12: Interviews conducted

December 20: Selected board members notified

January 2019: Bi-weekly meetings begin

Click here for more information on the benefits of joining a non-profit board.


Q.  Do I have to live in Atlanta?

A.  No, you do not have to live in Atlanta to be considered.

Q.  I can’t devote 5-10 hours per month, but I would still like to be involved.  How can I help out?

A.  Donate to the cause, subscribe to our email list and follow us on Instagram to stay updated on what we have going on

Q.  What roles are you looking to fill?

A.  We firmly believe that anyone can learn anything, so we’re less focused on people with certain backgrounds and more interested in filling the Board with people who are passionate and are willing to volunteer their time to make STC the best it can be.

Q.  Can I be on the board if I’m a student?

A.  Absolutely.  Students are our primary target audience, so we’d love to have student representation on the Board.

Q.  What kind of projects will the board be working on?

A.  The Board will be focused on obtaining 501c3 status, fundraising, event planning, strategy setting and visioning and developing partnerships

Q.  How many positions are you looking to fill?

A.  We are looking to fill 3 - 5 positions.

Q.  What is the time commitment?

A.  We ask that applicants have 5-10 hours per month to devote to Shatter The Ceiling.  We’ll have 1 - 2, one-hour meetings per month, and then additional time to tackle any action items from our meetings.  Although Board members are asked to commit to the entire year, grant season only runs from January to June, so after that point, things may slow down a bit.